Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holy crappy night Batman!

When I got home from work last night Jude was sleeping. This isn't that unusual but it is unusual he slept until around 8pm. My thought process is that Jude wasn't feeling very well and needed some extra sleep. Generally this doesn't affect how he sleeps throughout the night since he is sedated. He looked so cute while he was napping that I would stop and gently kiss his forehead. When he finally woke up he immediately started toning out and by 10pm he was uncontrollable. His face was bright read, he was hyper extended as far back as he could be, his heart rate was through the roof. I gave him his sedative to put him to bed but it did nothing. Then he started screaming in pain so we gave him Motrin. Finally we gave him Valium. He had all this and NOTHING. Nothing made an impact. He then started getting horrible mechanical obstructions and the congestion was so bad I added yet another medication with Bendryl. Then I worked at rubbing the obstruction up and getting it out. Finally he calmed down and he laid there in the dark quietly. So we went to bed.

About 12:15 Jude started screaming again so we dashed into his bedroom. We turned him from side to side to side and he finally calmed down. So we went back to bed and I slept for what felt an eternity when he cried again and it was.......................12:44 (argh). This went on for hours and I finally just picked Jude up and took him to his futon on the living room. I positioned his Boppy's all around him and put him in a position he likes to sleep in. He laughed a bit and I grabbed a spot on the couch. We both slept for about two hours and then it all started all over again.

Halfway through the night I heard Emily shut her door, the dog sigh, and Mike groan. Poor Jude just seemed to hurt all over and I am super tired at work. I just want to go home and sleep. Not sure what is going on with him. My guess is this is just a part of life after surgery but it is one of the worst nights we have seen with him.

Sometimes I think about living in a tiny house somewhere so I can care for Jude at night and sleep during the day. I could be nocturnal! Anyway, I am hoping he has an okay day. I hate seeing him scream in pain.

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