Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jude's surgery and the give back night

I took off yesterday and took Jude to see his orthopedic doctor regarding the pain his legs. He took X rays of his hips and showed me what they look like. He said that both hips are more than 50% out of the socket with the left one being much worse than the right. He explained that the hips coming out of the socket does not actually hurt, but the muscle spasms that accompany the situation do. He said surgery is inevitable and that most other surgeons would push to do it RIGHT NOW. However, he said he is more accommodating to parents if the hips do not get any worse. I told him that January would be best so I could replenish my vacation time and stay with Jude the entire time he is at the hospital. He said that was understandable and he didn't see an issue with it.

The DR was very nice and spent a lot of time explaining the situation to me and answering my questions. I was afraid I would freeze up at the thought of Jude having such a painful surgery, but my mind actually flooded with questions. He even pulled up a prior surgery he just completed and showed me where the plates and screws were holding the hip into socket. He explained they do this while the patient is little because they are very limited when they get older. He said the casting is around 4-6 weeks (not months like I was told). I asked them the following.

1. How long will he be in the hospital: 3-4 days
2. How will he get home? Via ambulance or a specialized car seat
3. How will they control his pain? Via an epidural and morphine
4. What will they do regarding his seizures? They will have a neurologist on hand and will continue his seizure medications.
5. Will he be in PICU? Possibly especially with his seizure history

They then went on to explain that he will be double diapered and not easy to move. They will send us with a roller for him and it doesn't normally fit through normal house doorways. I explained we installed French doors on Jude's bedroom. He talked to us about the brace Jude just got that we were told he should wear at night. He said that the brace was mainly prescribed to prevent further pain and's not going to fix the problem at hand. I told him that Jude did NOT like the brace at night and he said not to worry. He assured me that Jude wearing the brace for awhile during the day is fine.

So last night my amazing friend Carolyn set up a give back night at Chili's for Aubrey's parents. We ran it through Emily's Smile Boxes. Aubrey's parents came to the restaurant and I was amazed at how wonderful they look and how calm they seem. They are two beautiful people and they truly still look gorgeous. I admire them.........I really do. When Jude had his stroke Mike and I just fell apart........we really did. It may look like on the outside that we held together but our looks went, our sanity went, our sleep went. We tried to function normally, but I feel like I am just now starting to get back out into the world. Last night I looked around at how many kids and families everyone knew and realized we have really been hermits! I know we cannot take Jude out to many events (noise, germs, etc) and we have very limited babysitters, but's like we have been hiding. I know her parents are suffering and will be for a long time, but how amazing their faith must be. When her family said they believed she was called home to be with God and they know they will see her again.........they really meant it. They weren't just one of those families that says things to I applaud them and again admire them. God bless them all!

I also applaud the community for coming out last night. I was so overwhelmed at the turn out, all the Love Aubrey T shirts purchased from Carolyn, and all the love in that room. What an amazing job!

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Kim C. said...

His smile melts my heart. He is so precious, and reminds me so much of my Ashley.