Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Botox and Jude

Jude needed to be repositioned several times last night. He would start whining and I would drag myself in there to flip him or pat him. I am not sure if his legs were hurting or if he just wasn't feeling that well. He seems to be getting a bit congested and has a small cough so it's a toss up if it's his legs or allergies. Charlotte said he slept until 9:15 so I guess he made up for some of the sleep he was lacking.

His Botox appointment is set for October which is the same time as the follow up with the Ortho. My gut reaction is that we should take him for the Botox and then take him to the ortho so he can evaluate the effect the Botox has. The therapist told us that any time Jude is on his side they want a pillow in between his legs to keep his femur from extending past his hips. We generally do this, but it's a good reminder to everyone.

Here is a picture I posted of Jude the other night. I had just gotten home and was telling him "Hi". This was his reaction. So cute.

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