Monday, August 1, 2011

The very first Regal Princess Pageant and Missing my Jude

Well I am at lunch and I have a chance to update my blog. I am 100% exhausted after running the pageant this weekend, but it was worth it. There were a few very stressful moments, but that's to be expected. One of those moments got out of control, but I cannot take that back now. All in all it turned out to be a good weekend. My friends and family helped tremendously!!! I sent out a text to them letting them know I felt like I asked to much of them. They replied "I felt like you didn't ask enough and count me in next year". It made me feel wonderful.

The weekend started on Friday with registration. Registration was suppose to last from 10-5, but it lasted from 10-10. It seems traffic was a nightmare and many people were late. So we all worked together to make sure everyone got registered and off to interview or talent. Each little girl made a Smile Box at either registration or before interview.  I am afraid that I missed the majority of the talent competition, but I heard it was amazing. Saturday competition was held all day long. The girls competed in beauty, casualwear, swimwear, and fairytale wear. In the afternoon I ran home for a bit because I was really missing my Jude. I had to give him some kisses and then run back to the pageant. 

Saturday night we held our banquet that benefited Kids Swing. You can check them out at . The founder of Kids Swing Ben Sater came to give a speech to the little girls about the benefits of community service. I have to praise my step mom Kay and my dad for setting up my banquet room. It looked fabulous!!! At the banquet my amazing emcee Rod then made a speech I wrote about how great Emily is. He told her how much she blesses our lives and we gave her her own very pink crown and banner. She wanted one of those crowns so bad. She just walked up and said "I love you mommy" and I started crying. Saturday night we also awarded our very first Emily's Smile Boxes scholarship winner. This little girl had a list of community service events she participated in that took up the entire page. Next year I am giving an award the one of my royalty that does the best community service work. Maddie started out early because she and her mom took all the Smile Boxes we made at registration to Cook's hospital today. Here is our little Princess Maddie.

Here are a few pictures from the banquet.

Sunday morning we had crowning and overall it went very well. The little girls loved their pink crowns and our Grand Supreme winner was so happy! She and her mother were both in tears. Here is our very first Grand Supreme winner Lizzy.

All the little girls were beautiful and precious. When I get my photo's in I am going to feature the group shot on my blog. I just love it :)

I am glad to be home with Jude again. He was so smiley last night and I held him as much as I could and gave him lots of kisses. He had a hard night with my aunt on Saturday, but he seems much better. Thanks again to everyone that helped me make this past weekend possible. I look forward to next year.

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