Friday, August 5, 2011

Lots of shots.

Today was not a good day for Jude and Charlotte. They both were transported to Jude's pediatrician and hour late where Jude was given a physical and his vaccines. Jude was in a wonderful mood and was talking to all of his doctor's until the poor nurse had to stick him with SIX needles. Jude was heartbroken and the story from Charlotte made me sad. Jude was still in tears when I came home. I wanted to pick him up but I could tell Jude also wanted to throw up. The thoughts of people telling me to allow Jude to stay on his side if he is sick flooded my thoughts.  I finally just scooped him into my arms regardless of his retching and soon he became quiet. He just wanted to be held and told how mean the doctor's office was. It actually made me feel relieved that he wanted my words and touch...he was very calm.

For months I have pointed out that Jude's chest bone seems to protrude on the left side. Everyone seemed to ignore me, but Charlotte discovered it too and she brought it up to the doctor today. It seems Jude has either lost bone density or has scoliosis. Mike seemed very upset about this news, but I am not surprised. If a person is not standing erect then our bodies lose mass. I want to fix the situation, but again I am not surprised.

Overall Jude stayed happy the rest of the night. He conquered those vaccines with a heroic attitude. Thus proving to me that Jude is ready for school and more interaction....with his dedicated nurse Charlotte by his side.


Gilda said...

Poor little Jude, I can't imagen what he was thinking with all the needle poking him. He just wanted his mommy:(

Sherry C said...

Poor thing all those needles. School sounds very exciting I bet Jude will love it.