Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tigger and Cowboys

So last night we put baby Jude to bed and he fought it every step of the way. He is now resisting naps and trying to resist going to sleep. He is a true toddler in that sense! After we finally got him to bed I was just exhausted and wanted to go to sleep. Emily begged me to watch her practice so I made her agree that one time would be plenty and then I was going to sleep. So I walked upstairs to Mike's "man cave" and said "I am watching Emily do her routines and then I am going to bed". I kissed him on his head and walked out. I then watched Em and as promised I then walked off to go to bed afterwards. Em followed me ....she bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, fun fun fun fun fun, she was Tigger the only one.....sorry but that's what was in my mind. I finally convinced her I was going to sleep. She had to leave in a huff with a comment about me being old and then she scooted off upstairs. About thirty minutes later Mike came downstairs.

Mike: You didn't tell me you were going to bed.
Me: Yes I did
Mike: No you didn't
Me: Yes I did I even kissed your head and said I was watching Em practice and going to bed.
Mike: Oh......all I noticed was the kiss and wah wah wah wah wah
Me: Like the Peanuts teacher? really?
Mike: I just don't hear you anymore we are growing apart babe just face it.
Me: Sigh, I guess so. Guess you need to hook up with someone in your warehouse
Mike: No way man........(pauses) I love you
Me: I know.
Mike: No I really do, but your kid has way to much energy
Me: (laughs) oh no did she come after you when I went to bed. She is just pent up in the house waiting for school to start.

At that moment we hear thud thud thud thud from her running across the floor upstairs and then suddenly the thuds coming back the other way. 

Mike: She needs to lay off whatever she is on I mean it's not good for her 
Me:'re wrong really wrong.  

Tonight Mike, myself, Em and Faith are going to the pre-season opener with the Dallas Cowboys. Our nurses worked together so we could go.....we are very lucky. Mike's boss handed him the tickets and said he appreciates Mike. When he got them home he looked down at the value of the tickets and each one was marked $350...........WOW. First, for pre-season?? Still that's awesome. I cannot wait to see the seats and I am so proud of my husband for doing such a great job at work that he gets rewarded in a big way. Way to go Mike!

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