Saturday, August 29, 2015

Keep marching forward

Jude continues to have oxygen issues and bouts where he is crying out in pain. The nurses tell me his lungs "sound good for Jude" but that the lower lobes have little air movement. His witching hour seems to be from 4-11pm and we have to keep medications in him to relieve the pain. Ativan is the saving grace of medications. He is running at about 8 liters of oxygen tonight which is pretty high. Despite all his pain and agitation Jude manages small smiles when he can/

Emily had a few friends over tonight and they went to the movies. She is then having her cousin spend the night. This made me happy because Emily and I had a discussion the other night and she admitted that the reason she doesn't have friends over often is because it's hard to explain Jude's situation. I get it.... At 16 it must be hard to explain alarms and life saving measures to someone that never sees them. She also said I always tell she and her friends to be quiet because of Jude and she is right. I could tell Em to suck it up but well she has sucked up a lot. So I'm glad she brought people over tonight and she's even excited about the potential of moving. I think in a situation like ours you have to give each family member their own individual emotional attention.

I caught Mike and myself almost giddy over house plans for the new place. We have saved pictures, been in Home Depot a million times dreaming, and more. So we ask for prayers that Wednesday our credit is approved and our house sells quickly. On an ironic note we met the people who own the house we like and she said that every family that has lived in that house has had a family member with a disability. She said she prayed she would get a cash offer and that God brought her a story instead and she thinks she likes that better. What a sweet lady!!! Truly a good person. So I don't know if this will work out but I have faith :).

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