Friday, August 28, 2015

A quick update

I have been super busy at work so I don't have long to update. Jude has been crying the last few nights and not feeling well. He has also ran an intermittent fever but last night it was 100.4. He then woke up with a fever again this morning but seemed to be resting comfortably. He has a new night nurse and she is a really good nurse. So his mornings have been a bit easier lately but I could tell he didn't feel well today. I called and left a message for hospice to check him out if possible. 

Tonight we meet with the people who own the house we like. They requested to meet us in person and I think a portion of that is to meet Jude. Since he inspires so many people I had no problem with them coming over. It's still a big leap to look at moving but in the end I think it will be worth it. I'm looking forward to the meeting.

Emily has started back to school and is doing very well. I think this has kept her mind off her boyfriend leaving for college. She is asking to ride to the football game tonight with two other teens which makes me nervous but I guess I have to let her grow up at some point. 

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