Monday, August 10, 2015

Jude's weekend update

Jude was up and down this weekend. On Friday he went to sleep about 12am and didn't wake back up until 5:30pm the next day. He was smiley and cute but he didn't stay awake long. He fell back to sleep and it was pretty much like that the entire weekend. We oriented a new nurse yesterday that filled in for Charlotte today. She is an RN and has about thirty years experience so I was pretty confident with her. However I felt bad for her. When she showed up this morning Jude was having significant oxygen issues. I was about to leave for work but ended up putting all my items down and helped work on him. I pulled his oxygen level from 83 up to 92 and I finally felt comfortable leaving. I called to check on Jude later and she said he was doing much better. She said it took two hours of bagging him, breathing treatments, and manual CPT to get him stable. The last I checked in Jude was sleeping comfortably again. Jude's blood pressure was also lower this weekend and he is still very pale. When he was between sleep and awake I started talking to him and he was responding to me. 

I have been pretty stressed out lately between Jude's situation and finances. We got hit very hard with multiple vehicle issues. However I can see his smile and it really melts my stress away. 

I am not sure about Jude's health and what it all means. People ask me questions like "will they try antibiotics again" and I am really not sure what to answer. I think what we are seeing is just the decline in the function of his lungs. He is comfortable and happy and that's all we can ask for.  

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