Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jude and Emily

Jude has good moments and bad moments. When people ask me how he is doing I don't know how to respond other than "up and down". He is smiling one second and the next he is screaming or having oxygen issues. I have had a migraine for the past two days due to air quality and I wonder if Jude suffers from them. We have been giving him medications and pain killers as needed. I have noticed a marked difference in Jude's appearance recently but that's probably because I am his mom. I don't think everyone notices but to me he looks so different than he did a year ago. He looks pale and frail to me. However Jude still manages his smiles. 

I have to brag on my husband and ex husband for a second. Mike is driving Emily to Dallas tonight for a miss Dallas event. He said as long as he has a charged phone he is good to go. Then this weekend her dad is driving her to multiple events on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Not to mention her dad is helping pay the remainder of her dress. I really am truly blessed with amazing men in Emily's life and I am very grateful! 

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