Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jude's update.

Jude did fairly well between 1-4 last night. However at 4am it was consistent oxygen issues. The alarms went off so much that I just got up with the nurse and tried to help position Jude. When Charlotte got there at 8 Jude was still having issues. Mike called in and I called in late to work so we could try to get a little sleep and make sure Jude would be okay. Charlotte really worked with him and when I left at 10:30 he was sleeping soundly and his oxygen was finally holding. 

I am not sure what Jude's situation is except questionable. One day he seems like his normal self and then the next he is in respiratory distress. Jude always finds a way to rally back and of course we want Jude with us but we don't want him to suffer. He is very pale and Charlotte thinks his little body is just tired and needs lots of rest. 

So we will see how Jude does when he wakes up and how he does tonight. They do have new medication schedules and no one is holding anything. If he needs it he is getting it. It's a balancing act because you do not want to suppress his system anymore than it already is but we also don't want him in pain. 

Thank you for all the prayers. I am asking for prayers for Jude's comfort and prayers for Emily's safety. Also please pray for our dear friends whose father had a massive heart attack yesterday. He is currently in ICU. 


Beverly said...

Prayers for sweet Jude's comfort and for his pain to be taken away. Prayers for Emily's safety. Prayers for you and Mike - for your peace and comfort and for your much needed and long overdue rest. Prayers for your friend's complete healing and recovery from his heart attack and prayers for his family as they go through this trying time. Prayers for you all - in Jesus name - amen!

Rubypat said...

Your journey with Jude has been a huge roller coaster ride, one from which you do not seek to stop, except for the distress and suffering that you see in your precious son. I understand your need to see him free from pain. I pray that you will be given strength and courage in the days ahead, and wisdom to make the hard decisions when necessary. God bless.

Anonymous said...