Friday, July 24, 2015

Jude's update

Jude had a very hard evening with Mike and I yesterday prior to the nurse arriving. The only thing that could be done to make him feel better was to hold him. I told the nurse when she got there that Jude might want to be held but I don't think that ever happened. I know she worked with him through the night though. About 4am Jude started throwing up again and threw up three times that morning. So hospice is going back to see him. I am not sure what's going on but I am still leaning towards pneumonia. He had a slight temp this morning but it was a very mild temp. We will see. 

I am exhausted today. It's been a very busy week at work and with the stress at home I am just worn out. It just suddenly hit me around noon today and I am ready to go home and nap. I was going to blog something inspirational but my inspiration is to pooped. 

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