Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jude, the house, and camp

Jude is pretty sick again but it's a guessing game (again) on what's going on. He is not running a fever but he has had issues with vomiting and is having oxygen issues. I had flashbacks to when I took him into Cook's and he vomited and then coded. So scary! Nurse Charlotte is with him and I know he is being tended to in the best possible manner. Hospice has also been out to see him and they are on stand by if something is needed like an antibiotic. He is still mustering some smiles and is always happy to see us. 

We found a house that we really liked and that would work well for Jude. It needed a bit of remodeling but it would have worked perfect. It had big lush trees, a carport Jude could sit under outside, and more. We debated on putting an offer on the house and listing ours because of Jude and because of other factors. Today we finally decided to take action and.........ready............someone put a contract on it yesterday. I am bummed today and the "well it wasn't meant to be" doesn't help so don't say it please. I will have a day of being bummed and then I will be alright and decide if we move forward or just stay put. 

Emily is at Young Life camp and it's odd not hearing from her everyday. I got a bit teary yesterday thinking of her going to college soon. I guess life marches on. 

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