Sunday, July 26, 2015

A very hard overnight

Jude had a very rough night and morning. About 4am I kept hearing Jude's alarms go off so I got up to check the situation. Jude's heart rate would rise to the 160's and then fall quickly to the 50's. His oxygen was ranging from the low 70's up. We called hospice and they dispatched a sweet nurse named Pam. Before she got here the night nurse and I worked with Jude. She gave him breathing treatments; cpt, and more. Jude's hands were so pale from the lack of proper blood flow to his body. It was scary and sad. Finally Jude stabilized and I even got a tiny smile but he was still very out of it. We are all exhausted. The hospice nurse confirmed Jude was probably near cardiac arrest and she praised our night nurse for her hard work. She said this is a decline and she would be calling the doctor to update her. Now I'm turning off my phone and going to sleep. I may be asking someone to pick Emily up when the kids return from camp today.

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Anonymous said...

Your family is on my heart. I'll pray for peace beyond understanding, for all of you.