Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jude's weekend update.

Jude had a terrible evening yesterday. He had to have Ativan, Motrin, Tylenol, AND Morphine before we could get him under control. We had Mike's moms' 80th birthday here and everyone kept asking if the noise level bothered Jude, but honestly I knew that wasn't it. Jude was just high toned and having a storming episode like he does frequently. We finally got him asleep and he slept until about 3am. He was up and down past that point which included ANOTHER feeding tube blockage. It took me about thirty minutes to get the tube unblocked. I tried everything I could to get the tube unblocked and when I was about to stop trying I said, "Jude give me a little luck". I used a small syringe full of water to push through the tube with as much pressure as I could and the blockage finally cleared. Jude just smiled and fell back to sleep.

Tonight Jude has been great. I didn't even hesitate giving him Ativan at 7pm when he started looking a bit toned out. Despite my education that the medication can help him I have still held back from giving it to him. So I didn't hesitate tonight when Jude showed any sign that he needed it. Jude seems more calm and his oxygen seems to be doing very well.

Mike and I have moved forward to finishing up some renovations to our house. I know a house is just a material possession but I feel safe here and it's nice to finally start working on making things look nice. We need to finish painting the walls from expanding the doorways for Jude's wheelchair. We need to remove the carpet because it's torn up from his bed, stander, wheelchair, and the dogs. Mike is making a headboard for our bed out of an antique door that hung on a friends house and my cousin gave us loads of Elfa shelving that will go upstairs. It's a project that makes me happy and takes my attention. So it's relaxing.

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