Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jude's horrible night

Jude did not have a good day yesterday. Charlotte texted me about 1pm yesterday letting me know she had given Jude ativan. He was very spastic, high heartrate, and making loud snorting noises. When I got home he was in the exact same condition and stayed that way throughout most of the night. He continued this tone even after additional ativan, Motrin, Morphine, and Diazepam (valium). I have never seen Jude not break his spasticity without a medication and especially a combination of medications.

We finally got Jude to sleep with another dose of Ativan, but it only lasted a couple of hours. He would wake up screaming so I have no doubt Jude was in pain. I was able to give Motrin again around 4am and that helped him rest again until his feeding pump went off. I put a call into his neurologist to seek an opinion on if he believes this is pain, neurological, or possibly an oncoming illness. I am sure I will just be told to "wait and see".

The interview we had scheduled with a nurse last night at 6 was cancelled at 6:40. I am just amazed at the lack of work ethic out there now. I am convinced we have two of the best nurses in the home health industry currently working for Jude and I wish I could clone them. I am going to check with a few other agencies today and see if they have anyone that would work. I have been told we can still carry or day nurses with one agency and a night nurse through another.

I am frustrated today and not in the mood to talk to anyone about this situation. I am not being rude I am just very tired and tired of being tired if that makes sense. So talk to me about something else if I see you today.


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