Monday, January 19, 2015

A fever and a smile

Jude had a difficult evening in regards to his oxygen level. He wasn't cranky or crying in fact he was smiling, but his oxygen wouldn't stay up. I thought this was my first tale tale sign that something was going on. Looking back even further my first sign was probably Saturday nights fiasco. So this morning I heard Jude cough terribly and I needed to check his feed so I got up. I noticed his heart rate was 176 but his O2 was good. So I turned off his feed, flushed his button, and said good morning to my smiley boy. Then I touched his arm and said "Oh MY!". Jude was burning up! He only had one small blanket on so I knew it wasn't from heating up in the bed. Still I pulled the blanket off and gave him a second to cool. Then I took his temp and it was 102 axillary so 103. I gave Jude some Motrin and then he began to retch and couch. He threw up a large amount of phlegm.

Charlotte is watching him. She said his temp is back within a normal range after the Motrin, his heart rate is a bit high at 154, and his respiratory rate is 32 (again a little high). She said his lungs sound great, but they sounded clear when he had that horrible coding episode. The pneumonia only showed on the X ray and even then it was questionable to some until the pulmonologist saw it.

So my dilemma is if we just watch him or take him in. If I take him in and get an X ray I feel it's peace of mind. If it comes out clear then we know we are dealing with something viral or maybe a reaction to medication. If it shows issues again then we can get a prescription for an IV at home that hospice can handle. I just hate to run Jude up there for no reason and put him through that trauma. He is smiling and happy. He is pale, but very responsive.

It's always a wonder with him. I wish they could bring an X ray machine to our house.

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