Monday, January 26, 2015

Jude's weekend and the explanation for the CBD quest

Jude had a fairly decent weekend. I even had him on room air a few times while I held him. However last night when I hooked him back up to his monitor his oxygen level was 84 so the room air didn't last long. He was very happy that he was being held and loved on without all the equipment hooked up to him. Last night was fairly rough because Jude would cry out or need suctioned multiple times. Mike and I were both fairly frustrated that we still had not heard from the nursing agency regarding the interview we were suppose to have with a possible night nurse. So we are dragging a bit today. Emily also started driving herself to school today and I think I worry constantly. She is very cute and texts every time she gets to a location to let me know she is okay.

If you are my friend on Facebook then you have seen my constant postings regarding legalizing CBD oil in TX. I know this is a controversial subject, but I truly believe it's controversial because when people hear "medical marijuana" they get the wrong idea. People fail to actually read the articles or watch the documentaries so the image of a child smoking marijuana or eating marijuana laced brownies appears in people's minds. Today we made great strides towards this goal because the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended "Marijuana use should be decriminalized and federal officials should reclassify cannabis as a less dangerous drug to spur vital medical research". They went on to state "Media accounts of medical-marijuana refugees in Colorado have given doctors "reason to suspect" that cannabinoids — the chemical compounds secreted by cannabis flowers — might have anticonvulsant properties". So I wanted to share some information with you including the top 5 questions I get asked.

1. Do you want CBD oil for Jude? Yes. I would like the ability to try CBD oil. I don't believe it will stop Jude's seizure activity but I do believe it could help relieve his pain and decrease his tone. The use of something natural verses organ damaging man made products would be amazing.

2. Why wouldn't it stop his seizures? It may, but Jude has such a severe form of Epilepsy that his neurologist is doubtful. However through our journey we have met many families who have children affected by Dravet Syndrome. This particular seizure disorder is showing amazing response to CBD oil! So if anything we hope to get the oil in TX for them.

3. Why don't you move to Colorado? The average person cannot just pick up and move and shouldn't have to. Our state representatives should be able to do research and educate themselves enough to make this decision without parents having to move.

4. Why don't you just sneak it to Jude? Because it's illegal. Also, Jude gets routine blood tests and if he tests positive the state of TX can and would remove him from us. Jude would not survive without the care and treatment we give him. Also, TX is known to even come after parents if they go to Colorado and don't fully change their residency.

5. Why is this so important to you? Besides Jude I think it's the importance of education and progression. If a natural remedy has been found to help save someone's life then I believe it should be accessed without restriction from our government. CBD oil is showing progression with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Migraines, Seizures, Tumors, and more. My grandfather had Parkinson's and it's a nasty disease! I know my grandmother would have liked having something like an oil to put in his food to help relieve his horrible symptoms.

I think the best way to understand CBD oil is by watching this short documentary. Listen to her doctor explain the benefits. Watch them explain how they make it and listen to her parents say how much it helped her.

Watch this news piece and see what these families deal with. See their plea

The faces of CBD

Canabadial is a "good" ingredient in the plant. It's showing amazing promise for so many of our ailments. It's time we get rid of the old school stigma's and move forward with progression!

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Holly said...

Thank you for this. I have been following your blog for a long time now. I think, like you do, that a lot of people are against the use of this because they are misinformed and so they have misconceptions about what you are actually giving a child. I hope it can be legalised in tx for you and other families.