Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday's update

Last night wasn't any better than yesterdays post. However I got a little sleep because Mike stayed up with Jude until about 1am. Jude still is toned out, fights sleep, cries in pain, and more. So I talked to his nurse this morning who reminded me we can give the Ativan and Morphine every six hours. I explained neither medication seems to be working but she pointed out a second dose might make the different. That's possible! I also put a text into Hospice who said they were going to talk to the doctor on call about possible solutions. I know it cannot be healthy for Jude to be awake 20 hours a day. His little body cannot reset properly. We have to have proper sleep to heal our bodies.

We are still suctioning Jude 3-10 times an hour. His pneumonia and lungs seem to have improved some, but his tone is back to the way it was after the surgery. At least it seems that way to me. I did get to hold him again for awhile last night and he was so happy about that.

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