Monday, April 1, 2013

A weekend update

Saturday was a good day. I took Emily and Mike to meet my cousins family for breakfast. After we exchanged some laughs we parted ways to complete our day. Emily and I went to get her shoes to go with her interview dress for Miss Teen. She picked a pair of funky but cute shoes to go with the darling dress she picked out. I said "I don't think those are normal interview shoes". She replied "well I am not normal and they show off my personality". Well said......I let that subject go. We then went to get her hair done in Dallas which afterwards I professed to her that I would be buying MYSELF some clothes and items in May. She agreed.

Once I got home my husband was frustrated from trying to put together a pottery water feature he has had pictures in his head. Jude was sleeping soundly.........which I found odd because he seems to be sleeping a lot more lately. Once Jude woke up I grabbed him and we sat together on the couch for a long time.

Jude's seizures have increased along with the sleeping. The neurologist cut the new Artane down to once a day. I thought I would see a marked difference this weekend, but I didn't. Mike is not convinced it's the new medication, but I am. Yesterday Jude cried for over an hour, but I think that's because our little dog had given him several seizures due to his barking. However, for the most part Jude is happy. He wants to be held a lot, but he is happy. It's always a mystery with Jude..........wondering if it's just "Jude", medication, or a sickness.

Easter was a good day too. We don't do much at my house in means of a big dinner. My family is a bit scattered around so it's hard to gather everyone together. So I sent Emily with her dad because they do a huge hunt, dinner, etc. Mike and I stayed home and we worked our buns off. I cleaned the entire Emily's Smile Box room and sorted everything into appropriate bins. It looks so much better. I marked all our garage sale items, cleaned my closet, potted plants, Mike cleaned the carpets, I unpacked a bakers rack and pulled it outside for a potting bench. So it was a very productive day.

Jude is having his revaluation for the program he is under in Texas. Due to the cuts to these programs he will be losing some of his benefits. I like to say it's the fact the state thinks Jude has gotten better, but the reality is there have just been governmental based cuts. However, we are still lucky that he qualifies for benefits and help. We don't use all our benefits each year anyway. However many kids I know are losing their benefits all together because they no longer require skilled nursing. Due to Jude's aspiration and other issues he is determined to have a medical need. I am sure I could handle Jude on my own via my nursing degree obtained through osmosis (lol), but I work. We are also VERY lucky Jude gets some nursing on the weekend. We love and trust his nurses and it gives me time to spend with Mike. I think this has been vital to keeping our relationship healthy.

I will leave you with this quote because I feel it's needed.
 Happiness depends upon ourselves.
- Aristotle

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