Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jude update and a little rant on debates

Charlotte had a rough morning with Jude again yesterday, but finally in the afternoon he began to become his old self. I am very thankful because I was beginning to research other issues and we all know the Internet can be your enemy. Jude had started Artane which is a medication for his tone about two weeks ago. I was beginning to think this might be the issue: . Jude was fitting most every symptom. So I was very happy to see his smiley face when I got home last night. The only lasting issue we seem to have that is a common occurrence is extremely cold feet with bluish toenails. However, I have been reading this is common in CP patients so I will mention it to the doctor.

So this week has been full of debates from various people on my facebook and in life in general. One debate was been with a friend who is so nice that she has basically been railroaded in a divorce. A man who never once tended to his children before will now be awarded a 7/7 split because she wanted to believe the best in him. As I shook my head and wanted something different for her and her children I realized it's just not my choice. I also realized that being to "nice" is a quality I once possessed before the world took hold of me. Being nice is something we should all strive for. Yes, it can cause you to get ran over in life, but well.........there is a defined line between good and evil. I for one believe in the end good will always win no matter how long it takes.

Another debate has been of the equality of marriage issue. I am one that believes everyone should have the same rights. Would civil unions provide the same "rights" as a marriage does......yes, but the republican state of Texas will never allow the civil unions. As we were watching Lincoln last night they showed a scene in the Senate were a man bent down and said "Would you vote for something that goes directly against God?". These people believed God didn't want blacks to be equal. My husband looked over at me and said "reminds me of the Gay marriage topic today". It amazes me that he is so in touch with sensitive topics.  No I am not comparing the topic of gay marriage to slavery, but I am comparing it to equality. I am showing a pattern that any times people don't agree with equality ie blacks voting, women voting, etc then they say it goes against God. I live by his rule that thou shalt not judge. It's just my personal preference, but it seems to me a whole lot of people are very judgemental these days. I haven't gotten into the debates on facebook and I don't plan to start on here. I was just expressing my opinion so no need to reply on the issue.

I guess sometimes I get over loaded with everyone's opinions on what they think is right. Sometimes it's just to much negativity. Gay marriage, non marriage, giving birth, hospitals, c sections, politics, non politics, voting, non voting, vegan, non vegan, pet lover, non pet lover. Just let everyone be themselves and think how they want. If they aren't committing crimes then it's within their rights.


x o x o u i said...

Can I get an AMEN?! ♥

Brenda said...

Very well said. I think some people just like to argue or as we say in Arkansas "stir up a stink"! There are some things I am pretty ridgid in my views on, but I m not going to argue with people about it. For one thing, their mind is as made up as mine is so neither one of us is going to change the others thinking. And I always take it personally. I have never been one of these that could argue a point without my heart and soul in it. Guess I'm too sensitive. Hope sweet Jude is feeling better and that you are getting rest. And I think the drill team/ dance team at school is great. My daughter did it from 8th grade to senile year and loved it. They wen to nationals in DisneyWorld and took 7th place. The won state twice. It was an awesome experience and she will love it. Good lick to her!

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