Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jude update

Well little mister Jude had an auxiliary temp this morning of 101.1 so add a degree and we have 102.1. As a special needs parent you quickly learn to NOT panic on any high fever even 105+. It's the body doing it's job and you learn to control it. However, this means Jude is battling something............again. So is it viral or bacterial? His pulse ox was at 92, respiratory 48 and heart rate was in the 160's when I left for work. Charlotte spent about an hour giving him his breathing treatments, bathing him, giving him Motrin etc. This brought his temp down to 97 aux, resp rate to 40 (still high) and heart rate to 130 (still high but tolerable). She also indicated she saw a seizure that was different than his normal ones. She said he was sitting in his wheelchair and he seems to lose oxygen, but his seizures only last 40 seconds so he was okay. The good thing is Jude is in good spirits and smiling which means if he is ill it's not that bad yet and hopefully won't be.

So we will continue to watch Jude to see if this is anything that warrants a trip in or not. His neurologist got his lab results back and they are good. However, he wants to see him since his tone has been off and seizures look different. His pulmo wants us to take him in if this situation gets worse and his school still wants a meeting about home bound school. Emily needs to go to the dentist Friday and she also needs to see a dermatologist so I need about 3 of me!

I am well but the allergies in TX are terrible today!!! I am sneezing my head off. Well I will update on Jude.

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