Thursday, April 11, 2013

Me time!

Last night I came home from work and Mike's parents were over for his birthday. They are elderly and sweet as can be. I listened to his mom misunderstand everyone's discussions and his dad tell me stories from his own childhood. It was great except for the fact that Mike is from a family of 7 and speaks louder than anyone I know when his family is around. It literally makes Emily and I laugh. So when we all parted ways I logged into my computer for a brief moment and took a breath. Emily decided to talk to me at that very second.

Me: huh?
Emily: Gees mom you cannot multi-task
Me: Em I am listening just give me a minute
Em: It's like it takes a second for your mind to wrap around what I am saying
Me: It's because I do so much multi tasking through the day
Em: uh huh

She probably just wanted my attention but I needed a minute. So later that night as  I was heading towards Jude's room where I had set him up with his breathing treatment. I was pushing Jude's IV feed pump with my foot, while holding his toothbrush, and holding all his medications that I just drew up.  I passed Mike in the hallway and playfully muttered "Em says I can't multi task". Mike chuckled and I heard Emily say...

Em: No mom I said you can't multi task while you are on the computer
Me: That's not failure to multi task Em that's me time
Em: oh

She got it!

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