Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jude, Bigs, and homes

Last night Jude went through one of his "hold me mommy" phases again. So this morning when Charlotte got to our house I did "Jude's" voice for her.

Jude: "Charlotte I was not going to let mommy put me down last night. Any time she put me on my futon I would say AHHHHHHHEHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU very loudly!"
Jude thought that was hilarious and laughed outloud. He was very smiley and very happy this morning. He also smiles so big any time someone says "I love you Jude". He knows what it means and he knows it's a good thing.

His teacher is now coming to our house twice a week. She just loves him so much and we are very lucky to have her. She constantly thanks us for "allowing" her to be in Jude's life. It just astounds me how many people are touched by him. He just has a good soul. So now Jude has his nurses, his therapists, and his grandma coming to the house every week. He is getting lots of attention.

I have an update that Biggy is doing well. He has been having some issues eating, but that's normal for him. He is finicky and any change of scenery makes him lose his appetite for a few days. I was updated this am that his new owner mixed some soft food with his hard food and he gulped it down. She also sent me a picture of him laying on the couch with his new friend the mini schnauzer. I am told if Bigs whines the schnauzer runs to his side. So I think he found a "life partner".

I will update more when I can. I have been VERY busy at work, but that's a great thing. It means people are buying houses and our economy is picking up!

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