Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bye Bye Biggy

I made a hard decision last night. One that I am very teary about right now and one I have wrestled with for some time. 

I said goodbye to my little Biggy

Bigs is a great dog. He is calm, submissive, and smart. However, his shrill bark would constantly give Jude large seizures or spasms. Which would in turn cause someone to yell at Bigs and then he would take out his frustrations on our floors. I will miss Bigsby sitting by my feet every night. I will miss him swiffering the floor when he wanted scraps that I dropped while cooking. I will miss Bigs sitting at the base of the stairs trying to out maneuver the cat so he could get to his crate. I will miss him thinking my friends and the nurses come just to see him vs the family. I will miss him nipping at Casen's feet when he left because he either didn't want him to go or thought he was protecting me. I will miss him crawling on top of my head when there is a thunderstorm (literally).

Bigs and Emily just never really hit it off so she wasn't very upset last night. I had cried several times the night before so I tried to keep myself calm last night. I had some friends that are huge dog lovers that wanted Bigs. They are actually perfect for him. They are at home during the day and only have 1 other very small older dog. They spoil him rotten so I know they will spoil Bigs too and that's what he needs.

They came to visit to see how Bigsby reacted to them and it was instant love. So I grabbed a big plastic bag and packed up his bed, his blanket, all his clothes, and his mountain of toys..............and then put him in their little crate. I was determined not to cry in front of them or him. However, I kept picturing him waking up the next morning wondering where I was at. I reminded myself that this is best for Bigsby. He won't be yelled at ever again for doing what comes natural to him. He will be loved, spoiled, and cared for.

You were a good dog Bigs...............thanks for loving us.

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Anonymous said...

He is such a cutey!!!!
I have a Pomeranian and I know what that yapping bark is like. When my son was a baby and it had taken us 2 hours to get him asleep the dog would bark and the baby would be screaming and we would be back to square one.
I'm sure he will settle in just fine.
(From Ventriculomegaly board)