Thursday, January 31, 2013

What does the Cow say Jude?

So last night Jude's breathing was sounded "crackly" to me again. I gave him a lot of CPT and with that he seemed to get better. He laid in my lap as we watched TV and suddenly the Chick Fil A commercial came on. The cows kept going "moooooooooooooo" and Jude thought it was hilarious. I suddenly realized that for some reason I have never gone over the barnyard animals with Jude. I have read him books, but we haven't gone through your standard "what does the cow say?" lines. So I decided I should treat Jude as normal and this is how our conversation went.

Me: (commercial playing) Jude are those cows? Do they say Moooooooooooooo
Jude: ea (sounded like y-ea)
Me: Jude what does the cow say? Moooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jude: aaaaa
Me: that's right
Jude: smile
Me: Jude what does the cow say? Moooooooooooooooooooooo
Jude: aaaaaa
Me: yes!
Mike walks in
Me: watch!! Jude, what does the cow say? Moooooooooooooo
Jude: nothing.... just a few crickets chirping!
Me: Oh come on Jude show daddy. What does the cow say ? Moooooooooooooo
Jude: (smile) choir of crickets chirping
Me: Well Jude you little stinker!
So Mike heads back upstairs and Emily walks in
Me: Em watch! Jude what does the cow say? Moooooooooooooo
Jude: aaaaaaaaa
Me: Well that solves it he just likes me better

So a lesson learned. I need to remember to work with Jude on regular everyday items that we work with preschoolers on. I have always said he knows more than we give him credit for.

The nurse checked his lungs this morning. She said his left lung did sound crackled but it was better after his breathing treatment.

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