Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A jude update

Jude has a doctor appointment today at 2pm with his lung doctor. I am anxious to hear what they have to say. The nurse said he sounds much better but still has "coarseness" on both sides. We have decided that we will not be sending Jude back to school any time soon..........if at all. He has therapy by three different therapists in home twice a week. I may also talk to the school to see if they can offer him anything home bound. Since Jude has gotten better he has been very cute! We have noticed an increase in Jude's ability to communicate in his own way. When I get home at night he immediately wants me to pick him up and expresses this through making loud vocal sounds like "Uhhhhhhhh".  When I pick him up his left hand immediately reaches to brush his left cheek, which is the sign I taught him about a year ago for mom. So when I noticed he was doing this again I said "Mom?" and he got a HUGE smile on his face. I said "you are so smart Jude" and he smiled even bigger. Sometimes even I forget Jude is a stroke victim and he knows what we are saying to him. Yesterday Charlotte said he did amazing in speech therapy. He was in his stander and kept hitting the button on the toy every time the teacher asked him to. He also opened his mouth wider last night each time I asked him to so I could brush his teeth. These are small steps but good ones.

So our primary goal is keeping Jude well. We are all washing our hands on a regular basis and not taking Jude out of the house right now. I know he probably gets tired of the inside of our house, but we know he loves to be at home.

I will update tomorrow on what the doctor said.

I wanted to leave you with a quote I found today regarding dealing with negative situations and people while maintaining a positive attitude. I thought it was amazing. "Forgive them. Forgive them for everything they have ever done that has been difficult for you. Then forgive them again and again for each new bit of gossip, sarcasm, or anger."

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