Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jude's lung update

Mike took Jude to see his pulmo yesterday as a follow up. The report was actually really good. He said Jude's lungs look like that of a child fighting a normal viral infection. He said he didn't think there was any issue with mucus plugs or deterioration like the ER doctor stated. He reassured Mike that there is no particular "time limit" on Jude, but also made it clear that the older he gets the harder it is to treat the recurrent infections. He said it generally becomes a pretty big issue in their teens, but that he watches and adjusts medication diligently.

We are happy that it looks like he is doing better. He also says he sees NO reason why Jude cannot go back to school but the therapists disagree. I am going to put a call into Jude's school to check on flu, strep, etc cases. The doctor said what I always tell Mike, "we cannot keep him in a bubble". However, we can be cautious.

We are all beginning to feel better. I am still on quarantine (self imposed) from my sisters new baby and I cannot wait to see him. However, I didn't want to take anything over to a new born (illness wise). I am also very content and very happy lately. Stressed, tired, but happy!

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