Monday, January 7, 2013

What happened Friday

I have been at home with Jude and I have not been able to update exactly what happened on Friday. Jude had been up a lot Thursday night because he was having difficult breathing and he was uncomfortable. As soon as Charlotte got there I explained what happened and then went back to bed for a bit so I would function at work. About an hour later I walked into Jude's room and Charlotte was still working with him to get his vitals stabilized. She said she was concerned because she couldn't hear any air moving in his lower left lung. He blood ox levels had been in the 80's and his heart rate was almost 180. She had managed to get his blood ox back up.  So I told her I would go into work until our receptionist arrived and then would head home to take Jude back to the doctor. My plans quickly changed as Jude seemed to continue to deteriorate. I then called Mike asking if he could head home and I finally just ended up calling 911.

They stabilized Jude in the ambulance in regards to oxygen and we went on our merry way to Cook's ER again. Once we got in the room the doctor could tell Jude was really sick. She ran a host of tests including blood counts, pneumonia, and RSV. They all came back fine or negative so everyone was at a loss. The doctor finally ruled that she didn't agree with the FLU B diagnosis from that Wednesday and believed we were looking at a lower lung viral infection. She gave Jude an IV of steroids and gave us a prescription. She said she believed Jude was acutely (there is that word again) sick but was releasing him to us to go home. She knew we had nurses at home that could care for him. So I called our home health care to request a night nurse for Friday and the weekend, but they were unable to accommodate. However, Mike and I did just fine. We hooked Jude's pulse ox up to his big toe and set the alarm to go off at specific numbers. It made for a sleepless night, but at least we knew we would get to him if there was an issue. We also pushed fluids and stayed on top of the medication. Our nurses during the day were wonderful and made sure Jude got his CPT and his breathing treatments around the clock.

With dedication Jude went from looking like this (after a breathing treatment and steroids at the hospital).

to this

Even though I was calm on Friday it was a very scary moment. I hadn't text anyone but very close friends + family. However, the realization that we may lose Jude was staring at us in our face. Mike posted on facebook for prayers and the calls flooded in. We were very lucky but I was a bit overwhelmed until I knew Jude was okay. So I didn't text back right away and I apologize for delays.

It's been hard on Jude lately. He battled pneumonia, then the flu, now the lower respiratory infection. I am concerned about his immune system and the ongoing respiratory issues. Also, as thankful as I am in regards to my life I am teetering on the edge of ........ losing it (well kinda). I am tired! I am tired of not sleeping, of everyone being sick, of working on hard, and having to be out of work. Emily now has an upper respiratory infection and Mike is sick too. When I got to work today and was so overwhelmed with the stacks of paperwork sitting in front of me, the never ending ringing phone, and a computer that decided to go down ...... that I just lost it. My poor boss just kinda walked However, my tribulations are nothing in regards to Jude fighting everyday to be healthy. So I will look forward to my vacay in April and hope that we actually get away this time. Em and I are suppose to be going to Houston on the 18th, but if Jude doesn't continue to improve that will not be happening. So we will see.

My sister had her baby this weekend! A little boy named Caleb who was 7 lbs even. I wasn't able to be there as I didn't want to spread anything Jude may have had that may have passed to me. I will get to see him every soon! He is in the NICU for low blood sugar, but that is common since my sister had gestional diabetes. I am sure he will be just fine, but a few prayers would be great.


Janet's Journey said...

I have followed your blog for a short time. Many prayers from me, not only for this beautiful boy, but also for you. Hang in there. Can't promise it will get better, but I can promise you it is worth it and I can let you know there are many here cheering you on. Love Jude, his precious story, your faith and the strength you both have. Hugs and prayers.

smilinjo said...

I so feel your pain right now because I am in that place as well with my daughter. But, as far as your vacay goes, have you applied to your local Make A Wish chapter? Tess has been granted one even though she doesn't have a real diagnosis. Her docs all agreed that the challenges she faces daily fall under the Make A Wish criteria and she was approved right away! That, if you haven't already done one, maybe something fun the whole family could look forward to and give you all a much needed FUN break! Just a thought.
Sending you good thoughts for strength and peace.