Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a video of Jude and some sleep

Jude has been doing well lately. He has been giggling a lot and really working hard lately. I thought I would share a recent video of Jude working on holding his head up.

Only issue I still have is that Jude still wakes up at night. Last night I got up about four times with him and that doesn't count the times Mike got up. I know it will always be like this since Jude cannot roll himself over, but it is just taking a toll. I finally broke down and called my doctor to see if there is something she can give me to relax at night. I am not a fan of medication, but I guess I have held out for over four years. It's better than drinking, binge eating, or smoking I guess. Part of what convinced me of this is I had a major heart palpitation attack this morning. They don't usually bother me but this one lasted awhile fluttering on and off. Which in turn sends me into an anxiety attack because at that point I am convinced I am dying (insert giggle).  I guess my body is saying it needs a little rest.

Last night as I worked out I noticed my trainer put a 50 lb weight on the floor. I stared at it and then looked at him like he was 100% insane for even thinking I could lift it (which he didn't expect me to). However, then I realized that Jude is a little over 40 pounds and I lift him all the time. I think he is my little exercise master.

We are still trying to decide if we are going to convert the bathroom for Jude at our current house or look at moving into something different. We still worry about the loss of the master closet and what it will do to resale. 

Have a good week!

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