Friday, February 8, 2013

Jude's issues and Jude's progress

I haven't really mentioned it because it sounds so repetitive, but Jude is having a few issues again. A few days ago I noticed Jude was running a low grade fever. He also sounded a little raspy again, but he was smiling and happy. Yesterday Charlotte mentioned Jude's left lung was sounded a bit "junky". So today prior to leaving I went to check on Jude before I left while he was getting his breathing treatment. I noticed his pulse ox was at 96 and his respiratory rate was at 130, not that bad but not great either. Charlotte said she was still hearing "Junk" in his left lung. So now the question is do we just wait........or do we have it checked out. He seems to be happy, but not tolerating therapy. I think we will most likely just continue the breathing treatments and watch him carefully.

So yesterday I was talking to someone about a situation they were dealing with. I told her that during my experience with Jude I have learned I don't want people to feel sorry for me but I do want people to use common sense and treat me with respect. I thought I would share that because I think everyone should feel that way in life.

Next I want to share Jude's progress. I am just so proud of him! Even though he has these lung issues he has come such a long way................we as a family have come such a long way!
The first video I want to share is the one that is so very hard to watch. So DON'T watch it if you are sensitive. It's of when Jude when he first started having seizures. They were so hard on him. He was on phenobarbital here, but it didn't phase his seizures at all. We were SO lucky to find Dr Riela who pursued medications until he found one that worked.

The next video shows Jude laughing 1 year ago at Emily making noises. Such progress!

and finally the current dated video I shared before showing Jude working on his head control.

He is such a big boy who tries so hard!

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Kim C. said...

Such a precious angel, and such a big boy, you're right he has fought so hard, and made so much progress!