Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Jude.

Jude is doing pretty well. He is still having some issues with his lungs in the morning, but once he has his neb treatment he seems to be okay. He is also having a large increase in absence seizures so Mike is taking him to have his blood drawn on Saturday. The blood results will then be sent to his neurologist who will decide if they need to increase his medication.

Jude has been super happy lately!!! He lights up when I get home and start talking to him. He has still not gone back to school and we are checking into home bound schooling. Overall he is doing very well at home. He has therapy three times on Mondays and three times on Fridays. The nurse works with him the other days and we work with him too. I read him "Mrs Spiders Tea Party" last night, but he didn't seem to like it as much as "Goodnight Zoo."  However it's one of my favorites so I am hoping he will end up liking it.

I have been busy with work and home. It is a bit slow at work so if anyone would like quotes on auto, home, life, etc please let me know. I prefer to keep myself as busy as possible during the day. Emily is doing well and is getting ready to go to high school. I am astonished my little girl is about to be a freshman. I really hope she has a great high school experience and remains as responsible as she is right now in regards to her social life and her grades.

I received another email from a mom who received a similar diagnosis as Jude did when he was 3 months old. I felt sorry for her. To her Jude's situation is the worst case scenario and she is convinced her baby will be fine. To me I feel so lucky. I have an adorable little boy he smiles, knows me, and who is always happy. He is my little blessing.


Zigmars said...

Great to hear you both are doing great.
Keep up the bloging.

Vernon said...

This is cool!