Thursday, April 26, 2012

A dude flick!

So I started paying for NETFLIX on a monthly basis and it's the best $7.99 I have ever spent! Emily is loving putting her teen movies and shows into her IPAD. So last night we decided to watch a movie as a family. We can see anything that is downloaded into any system in the house. So we log on and see that "American Pie" (the explicit version) was there.

Mike: (to EM) You watched American Pie????
Em: No way! I thought that was something else. I watched like 2 minutes and turned it off
Mike: I can check to see how much you watched you know.
Em: two minutes.
So Mike checks and sure enough it was turned off at almost 2 minutes in. Em has been raised right and knows better than to watch those types of movies.
Em: Um that's a BAD movie!!! I don't ever want to see any of it again!
I could tell Mike was controlling he laughter.
Funny thing is.......she didn't even get to the bad part yet (thank goodness!) 

So then Mike decides he and I should watch the movie the Expendables.

When the movie was over I turned and looked at Mike.

Me: You know how they say the term "chick flick"
Mike: yes
Me: Um that was a dude flick!
Mike: yea it was (laughing)
Me: Do you even know the plot or was their one? I mean it was like every old action star and UFC fighter blowing people's heads off with lots of blood going everywhere. Only thing missing was boobs and that's only because Sylvester is to old to care anymore.
Mike: (Cracking up) You are right I really don't know the plot, but the bodies being blown up and stuff was way cool!
Me: you are such a guy

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