Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The dentist and the butterly part II

The dentist we went to was AMAZING! She was so special and so sweet to Jude. She took her time to get to know him before she did anything. She then explained every instrument before she used it and even ran it over his hand so he could feel it. Jude did NOT need to be sedated and did wonderfully. He only got upset near the end of the visit when she was cleaning the plaque. She said overall Jude's teeth looked amazing. He did have some overgrowth of his gums, but she said that is common with seizure medications. She also confirmed that the prior phenobarb use caused the teething issues he experienced. She then told us Jude is missing a tooth.

Me: He is missing a whole tooth?
Dr: Yes it's genetic.........well when did you say the stroke was?
Me: In utero
DR: Oh okay then's genetic, but it's fine because most kids need more room on the bottom anyway
Me: I blame Mike
Dr: It's always the one that is missing that gets blamed
Me: well he said I have white sickly genes so we will blame his Hispanic genes on this

She thought that was pretty funny. So Jude was crying near the end of the cleaning, but she was so sweet to him. She gave him a red balloon with black spots to cheer him up and sent several toys with Charlotte so him to look at later.

When we got home a butterfly was sitting on my porch waiting for our arrival.

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rocketmommy said...

That's great news. Hooray for finding an awesome dentist and super hooray for Jude doing so
P.S. I so love that there was a butterfly waiting for you when you got home. =)