Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Relaxation with a need

Well I am at home finally relaxing and it's only........mmmm 11:11pm (lol). Mike had to go to bed early tonight because he has a very early day at work tomorrow. Jude is finally asleep after a long struggle and Emily is suppose to be asleep. However giving the child an IPHONE has presented it's challenges with bedtime. Although, she was up late putting together a few Emily's Smile Boxes so I try to be (a tiny bit) understanding.  Jude has been................difficult this week in regards to sleeping! He has not wanted to go to bed nor stay asleep. I know he has to be very tired because I am tired. In fact I am a bit.......edgy, cranky, and incoherent. He is smiley, but CRANKY!
Tonight when I left work I battled NASCAR traffic and got home about an hour later than I normally do. It has thrown my entire night off and I have been very disorganized. Emily tried to read her play to me twice, but I could not grasp it. I finally asked to see her manuscript and read the play silently to myself so I could understand it. That's when I stepped back..........I took a deep breath in and missed my mom. I 100% am honestly jealous of some girls around me. I say that with a smile because I am jealous in a sweet sense. I so wish I could call up my mom and and say.........

1. "Mom I haven't slept in three weeks........oh wait longer.....can you come over for like a week so I can just SLEEP?"
2. "Mom the oldest kids play isn't making sense...I think I need a break....."
3. "Mom we have macaroni in a box and some tea left in the fridge...........old mother hubbards cubbard is bare and she is to busy to fill it"
4. "Mom, CRAP there are dirt rings around the bath tub!"
5. "Mom............the cat is shedding everywhere and I feel to guilty to get rid of him and I am to busy to vacuum! Really it's everywhere... (whispers) like I think the furballs are mating"
6. "Mom....the baby keeps outgrowing his pajamas because he wears a SIX and is three........can we shop?"
7. "Mom.........I have a banquet to go to this weekend for your granddaughters amazing charity...will you come with me to try on dresses because I feel like a hippo?"
8. "Mom...Em needs to go to the dentist because she has 3 fillings, Jude needs to go to the dentist for his first check up, Em needs a physical, Jude needs a GI check up, Jude needs his shots, and well I cannot get away........can you help?"

I could go on..........but man I miss having her there. My family is amazing. My step mom has been great, but she is taking care of her mom and that's a full time job. I commend her for that too because I have been in that in that situation. So sometimes I just miss the relationship my friends have with their moms. Don't rings get cleaned...but the thought is still there :)
Jude's throat looks a bit red so we will have this checked out at the clinic after work tomorrow. I am sure it's just allergies.

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