Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jude's "voice"

In my email today


Dear Pampers: we have had this discussion before...........your emails suck! Thank you for reminding me again that Jude is not on target and not removing me from your email list per my request.

Anyway, we took Jude up to the after care clinic last night. I highly recommend the Cook's Children's Southlake urgent care center. They are fast and friendly. They decided to do a chest X ray since Jude has been coughing for about two weeks. While we were waiting I decided to run to the restroom and I heard the nurse say, "Left lung infiltrates looks like pneumonia". I thought "CRAP! Surely not...he doesn't seem tat sick". So right after I got back in the room the doctor came in and said Jude looked fine, but had a sinus infection. I was so relieved that Jude was okay, but felt really sad for the other family.

While we were there I started talking in "Jude's" voice to Em. Em has been a typical teen lately so everything I not funny or entertaining.
She said "Stop's not funny. It's funny when Mike does it".
Me: "Well Mike cusses"
Em: "I know.........funny!"
Me: "well it's not appropriate"
Em: "O M Gee mom I know not to cuss....I never do"
Me: (thinking) "Great we are to the Ooooooo MMMMMM GEEEEEEEEE mom stage"
Mike: (Jude's voice) "*&^% Mom I told you I didn't need to come to the *&%^ doctor"
Em: cracking up "see funny"
Me: (trying to contain my laughter) "Nice babe.........nice"

Several of you are laughing right now because you know Mike and you can hear him in your head! I have to admit wrong as Mike is it's absolutely hilarious!. He also loves Jude very much. The nurses commented at the clinic on how Mike is always hugging on Jude. Here is a recent video we shot.

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