Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet girl

Emily left this for me last night. She sure is a sweet girl! She just wanted to say thanks for what I do.

She also gave Jude and I massages last night. This morning I got up and Jude's little socks were on my floor and I remembered that he got a foot massage from his sister.

So last night Emily and I were looking at vacation spots and I remembered something Mike and I said we would do prior to what happened with Jude. We were going to get remarried each year on our anniversary.  Next year will be our fifth anniversary and our 40th birthdays...........FORTY? gees. Anyway, I am thinking I may try to plan something and invite whaetver friends and family want to join us. That would be a blast!

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rocketmommy said...

Emily is so stinkin' sweet! What a great big sister too. I love the remarrying idea. That sounds great. =)