Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jude's school picture and more

I studied this picture last night when I saw it pop up on the infamous facebook. I thought of a million things it could say. I don't remember my exact thoughts when it was taken. I know I was looking into my neighbors yard probably watching her child play. I was probably wishing Jude could play with her, but protecting him and loving him for who he is at the same time.

I received Jude's school picture and I think it's pretty good! It's his very first one.


rocketmommy said...

That first picture is absolutely beautiful! I love the school picture too. He looks adorable! =)

Rita said...

Jude's picture is very good. Wonderful in fact. If they all look this good you will be one happy mama.
He is a smart looking little boy. I love the cute clothes you picked out for picture day.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Great school picture! He looks so handsome! Jenn