Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's mommy and Jude day!

It's mommy Jude day! Our nurses are off today, Mike had to work, and Emily is at her cousins. So I got up with Jude and changed his clothes, changed one very stinky diaper, got his medications done, hooked up his feeding tube, did his breathing treatments and now he is on his futon chilling and I am on the couch. We are watching Jack Hanna. Well I am watching and Jude is playing with his musical toy on his bed.

My plan is not to do much today but spend time with Jude. I am just going going to relax and I think we both may stay in our jammies all day.

I had to tell you guys what my husband said the other night. The movie Gone With The Wind is my all time favorite movie along with Wizard Of Oz. In fact...Emily's middle name is Scarlett. So we were chatting about the movie and I mentioned how I always loved Scarlett. Mike said "You are no Scarlett you are a Melanie" I said "Well I guess I am". He replied "Would you really want to be a Scarlett?" I guess I wouldn't, but I never thought if it that way. I always admired her spunk, her beautiful clothes, and the character. In real life I guess she wouldn't have been a very good person huh? So I was watching the movie again this weekend and I smiled a bit when I saw how nice Melly is. I guess I now take his comment as a compliment.

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The Redhead Riter said...

It's nice that your hubby noticed.