Saturday, November 26, 2011

A nice day and a boy that won't sleep

Jude has had a great day.......well up until about 8pm. He didn't nap all day and since he was up at 7am he is very tired. He was also up several times throughout the night last night. So he has tossed, turned, grunted, and moaned even through the sedative tonight. I sometimes wonder what goes on in his brain and when he needs extra help to ease any pain he might have. I am going to chalk this night up to a little boy acting like a three year old who doesn't want to sleep because he has had a fun filled day.

Jude's futon has really been a life saver. It was so much easier to change him today, feed him, play with him and more. We also used his tomato seat for awhile today and his stander. We worked on saying words today and using his arms to signify what he wants.

I had a good day with Jude.

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rocketmommy said...

That does sound like a really good day! =)