Thursday, November 3, 2011

The panty escapade.....yep two blogs today!

So in my limited time on lunch I ran to the store to find an outfit for the prelim pageant I am hosting on Saturday. I felt I needed to look nice and represent my company well. So I wandered around the store picking out multiple items to try on. I went from one side to the other carefully maneuvering through the aisles and clothes. I then took them all back to the dressing room to try on. The attendant simply motioned me back telling me stalls were open without helping me in. A little strange, but I simply went about my business. 

Once I got into the room I started trying on clothes and then suddenly something caught my eye. This glaring hot pink object laying on the floor was demanding my attention. I darted my eyes down and thought, "Oh dear God no! Are those MY UNDERWEAR?" Oh yes....yes they were! They were laying there in all their old thong glory just waving at me like a flag. It took a matter of seconds for me to conclude that the said underwear had been stuck to my sweater that I had pulled out of the dryer this morning, but WHERE had they been stuck. Oh I prayed they had been stuck to the inside of the sweater......but I didn't remember feeling anything bulky. Quickly I pushed the undies into my purse and scampered out of the store to hide at Cafe Express. I reached into my purse and texted my friend at work, "Jen, did you see laundry hanging off of me?". She replied "LOL, why?". I thought "Oh no she did see and didn't tell me!!" Luckily she text back that she didn't notice any.....all the while having a great laugh I am sure.

Before I left for lunch I emailed my boss asking him for a day off in January. We are taking Emily to an event and I really needed off. I knew he would be hesitant because Jen will also be out. To my happy surprise he replied that it shouldn't be a problem. Once I divulged my panty escapade to Fleck she replied that my boss probably saw them hanging on my sweater and had to give me the day off because he thought, "that poor girl just needs some help".

Only me people .....only me! Funny thing is they weren't even nice hot pink thongs!

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