Wednesday, January 5, 2011

an upper GI and a raffle

Jude had an upper GI today at Dallas Medical City. They were very quick in scheduling the procedure when they heard he was vomiting again. To our surprise the tech said she doesn't see where the Nissen looks torn. She is going to let the specialist look at it, but she believes everything is in place. She said that some children begin retching so violently that they can actual produce vomit. Jude is now vomiting again up to three times a day.

So last night I was sitting on the couch holding Jude, and he was just so precious. He sticks his tongue out at me in this cute way, shoots me a grin, and flashes his little dimple. So I was kissing him on his forehead, and he was just giggling away. Then I would say, "Jude, where is sissy? Where is Emmy?". He would look at me serious, then slowly turn his head to look for her, and smile when he found her. We were very proud of this progress. He knows who his family is.

So I am working on raising money for the Emily's Smile Boxes spring boxes. We are completely depleted on funds, and so it's like starting from scratch. I decided to hold a raffle beginning the week of 1/23/11. So far I have received several donations, but we need some really good ones. If you know any companies willing to donate, and thus achieve advertising on their part, and helping us, please let me know. Anything is truly appreciated. Plus, it's all tax deductible.

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