Friday, January 14, 2011

I am Ok with everything

Last night I took the cutest video of Jude playing with Mike and Emily. I am afraid I left my camera at home, so I will have to share the video on Monday. Although, while watching Jude interact with our family I felt a sense of calmness last night. I no longer panic at the thought of my child growing old, and I and never leaving our house. I feel the opposite now, because I think I have come to terms with everything. I guess it took me over two years to conquer the grief of losing my ideal perfect pregnancy, and baby. I now am very grateful for Jude, and I see clearly what a blessing he has been in our life. We are getting to the point that we no longer avoid places because of Jude's issues, but plan how to accommodate him the best. We will not be limited, and neither will he. I actually feel lucky that I have been chosen to experience a side of life that most people never will. I know how truly grateful you should be for healthy child, or any child. How special it is to see your baby accomplish something a doctor never said he would. I also know how one child can reach thousands of people teach them just how precious life is. I look at life differently now, and I am grateful.

Mike got a lead on an incredible job. I am not sure it will pan out, but some prayers will be appreciated. I won't know anything any time soon, but this would be a great spot for him, I know he would love it.


I.Make.Boys.With.Wings said...

You are so awesome! Jude is lucky to have parents like you and Mike. God knew exactly what he was doing when he brought you and Mike together, and then sent Jude to you. He knew you would be the perfect parents. You are so right about how life changing circumstances really open up a whole new perspective. Jude is such a precious, and amazing little man, and the world truly is a better place because he's in it! God bless! ((HUGS))

Gilda said...

I am so happy that you see your life that way. Jude is a blessing and he has accomplished alot he is a wonderful boy and he still has alot to show the world. I admire him!Sending you lots of prayers for Mike on his job.