Friday, January 28, 2011

A nursing home and some shots.

Jude had his shots today the poor little fella. Mike said he had a seizure when they gave the first poke, and cried when they did the second. I wish I had been there to comfort him. Poor baby has no idea why someone is hurting him.

So our lovely nurse Alan brought us a bunch of diapers from another family. I am afraid they were so much bigger than they could fit Emily. I thought we could store them, but then decide that they could benefit someone else right now. So I took them to the nursing home by my office and they were SO excited!!! They said their residents loved the brand I brought and they had just had to change due to insurance regulations. So they were beyond thrilled. They also said they were in desperate need of smalls. She explained that many times people forget the elderly and that they are in such need of items like diapers, clothes, and toiletries. I had forgotten myself but I will remember who to donate my clothes and such to now.

Well have a good weekend all.

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Gilda said...

Your a wonderful person,with such a giving heart. Always thinking of others who just might need it most. Sending ((Hugs)) to Jude poor baby :( Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!