Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday

Well same song different verse. I counted, I was up 14 times last night, add that to Mike's 3 times, and we had an eventful night. I am not sure what to do. I listened to the comments about asking for a nurse at night, and that may be an option. If we can get one full nights sleep I week, I really think we will be doing much better.

Jude was very cute again this weekend. He would giggle, and smile every time I kissed his forehead, so I made a point to do that a lot. I also repeated "mommy" over and over, while showing him our sign of rubbing his cheek. Several times I caught Jude making sounds, and trying to get his hand to his cheek. We had a few friends over Saturday night, and we showed off Jude's new found skills. He did well showing them how he is holding his head up better, and how he makes some sounds now. I think Jude is more aware of his surroundings then people give him credit for.

We found a pediatrician that Jude will be going to see for the first time on Monday the 24th. I am hoping that she is wonderful, and has a good bedside manner. Well it's back to work Monday, and back to working out. So far I have lost 6.3 pounds, but I slipped a little this weekend. I ate well, but had some wine Saturday night with my friends, so it's back to the diet. Maui is weeks away, and I am thrilled.

I am still collecting donations for Emily's Smile box fundraiser. Since I haven't heard from the radio station that approached us yet, I have to find a way to fund the spring Smile Boxes. If you know of a business that would be willing to donate, and market to new clients, please email me.

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