Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A happy video

I love this video of Jude. Mike and Emily were both playing with Jude in the floor. I look forward to hearing his little sounds every night when I get home.

I tried to post this video several times yesterday but it wouldn't work. So you are actually getting two blogs in one today. When I got home last night Jude was asleep on his blanket, and he stayed that way for awhile. When he woke up he was very smiley, but he also seemed very restless. Jude's nurse had explained he had been rather restless all day. Since he was asleep when I got home I figured he would be rather difficult to get back to sleep for the night. I took him into my bed, we both snuggled up, and Jude fell fast asleep. Mike said he moved Jude to his bed about midnight and then came to bed. About 2:14am Jude started grunting and moving around and the lights on the baby monitor started flashing. It was a continuous stream of me walking into his bedroom to reposition Jude. I didn't get back to sleep until after 5:30, and that was short lived. I was a bit frustrated at that point so I started waking Mike up to go tend to Jude. Mike was able to tune most everything out last night ...... I guess he needed the sleep.

This morning nurse Charlotte said Jude's temp was at 98.8. Jude's temp normally ranges in the 96.4 -96.8 area. I know that sounds strange, but my temp is always 97.4. If I run a normal temp of 98.6 I am sick, yep I am weird. Anyway, Charlotte said he has a lot of phloem but Jude's lungs sound clear. This could be another teething episode, it's always a guessing game with Jude.

Hopefully tonight we will gain more sleep. Oh and my daughter has a current obsession with Monopoly. I have never lost at Monopoly, and she beat me last night!!! I couldn't believe it :)


Anonymous said...

I also have a normal body temperature that is below most! I thought I was alone :)

Gilda said...

How sweet! it was so nice to hear to hear Jude. I love it!