Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The iron and a baby

Well it seems Jude has not thrown up today which is a sign that the pediatrician might be on to something when she eliminated the iron. I am cautiously optimistic in thinking this situation could be solved with such a simple solution. Jude slept pretty well last night, he only needed to be repositioned twice. Although the cat woke me up about 2, and I had trouble going back to sleep. Is that an issue with getting older? Not being able to sleep?

So I went to see my friend Kelly's baby today. She had a little girl named Amelia, and she is super cute. While I was holding her I caught myself wondering how I couldn't tell Jude wasn't 100% healthy when he was a newborn. I guess tiny babies can mask neurological problems. Anyway, here is a picture of Miss Pretty Amelia.

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