Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kidds Kids

Years ago when I was a senior in high school I became attached to listening to the Kidd Kraddick in the morning show. I remember that he was expecting his first child Caroline.........who is now in college, and that tells you I am old! During a routine sonogram the doctor explained to Kidd and his wife that there could be something wrong with his daughter. I remember him telling the story on the radio, and explaining how distraught he was. He prayed and pleaded with God that if she was okay he would do whatever he could for others. We all know that those prayers don't always work, but thankfully in their case Caroline was fine. Kidd then started the Kidds Kids foundation, and I have followed the charity for years.

Why am I telling you this story? Because today is Kidds Kids day! It's the one day a year they ask for donations to send chronically ill children, and their families to Disneyworld. This year they picked 53 deserving children, their siblings, and their parents, and are whisking them away for a week in November. They supply everything including doctors to insured the trip is safe, and Southwest even donates a plane for their use. As the mother of a chronically ill child I can relate to how wonderful this event would be. I can also relate to how fabulous it is to include the siblings in the families, and to make them feel special. Many times the siblings are overlooked in a situation where another child demands time, and financial resources. So please, if you have anything to spare consider going to and donate. I have very little, but I donated some today and in the line for company, I wrote "For Jude". I did that because I know he would want the these children to go and have an amazing time!!!

I want the focus to be on Kidds Kids today so I am going to close there. I do have some great news about Em I will share tomorrow. Have a wonderful day, and remember the children.

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Katy said...

Love Kidd Kraddick and think Kidds Kids is a wonderful program!