Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday EMILY!!!!!

Today is Emily's birthday, and I just want to take a moment to tell her how very special she is. She makes my life so much brighter because she is in it. Last night when she got home from her dads Jude was being very fussy. We put Jude in his new Kid Kart, and she ran him through the house making siren noises, so they played fire truck together. They stopped for gas, they helped people who were in accidents, and played like normal siblings. Any time she would stop, Jude would cry. It was heart warming to see them playing together........well until Jude got really angry at the new chair.

Emily sat down after their play session, and told me that she honestly had a great time with him. It was very touching! Tonight we are having pizza, and cake with the family.

Late last night Jude started crying, and just would not stop. I am not sure what was wrong, but he obviously did not feel well at all. He cried, and cried, and cried until we gave him some motrin, and he finally fell asleep in my arms. It was to the point that you couldn't even touch Jude, or he would cry again. I felt so sorry for him. I then felt sorry for myself when after I finally got to sleep my neighbor decided that 4am would be a GREAT time to sing for hours on his back porch. I am trying to decide if he was intoxicated or what the issue was. Regardless, he and I are having a chat session today if I see him. If Jude had woken up from his chorus line on the porch I would have had to have knocked him out.

Emily's delivery this weekend went very well. I also had a friend call that is wanting us to talk to her pastor so Emily can speak in front of her church. The pastor wants to make sure and see if Emily's heart is in the right place prior to her talking to the congregation, but there are little worries there. Em is true, and only speaks from her heart she knows no other way to function. Here are a few pictures from her big delivery.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Please don't forget to vote for Emily's Smile Boxes in Dallas at . It takes two minutes, and will help her out.

Also, we found out that THANKFULL Mike's mom did not suffer a stroke. They believe the issues were medication induced, and we are praying that's the case.


Bronx Cataldo's said...

Happy Birthday Emily.
You are a great big sister.

Wow Jude is getting so big look at him in his new wheels.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!
You are such an amazing girl...and a most excellent big sis!! Your family is so very proud of you, as are we!

Umm...the singing...brought a smile to my face. It is NOT funny, but it gave me a good visual! The kid kart...he looks so big in it! I'm still trying to get over the hair cut. :0)

Candace said...

Happy Bday Emily! I love Jude's stroller by the way! I am going to go vote for Emily right now.

Midwest Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Emily.

jocalyn said...

sweet wheels...

oh, and I don't have a bumper sticker. We did put her name in girly stickers on the side!

Justin was the one who wanted to put a shit happens sticker. I think I'd put one that says "STOP F-ING STARING." But that's just the mood Im in right now.

Katy said...

Jude looks good in his own chair even he isn't very happy in it in the picture.

So glad Mike's mom didn't have a stroke!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!!! You are such a wonderful sweetheart. Your family is so lucky to be blessed with your selfless heart. It is truly inspiring!

The Hendrixes
(Parker & Amy - the turtles)

mom2nji said...

Happy Birthday Emily!
You are blessed to have such an amazing daughter!

Gilda said...

Hi!Jen just wanted to say Happy Be-lated Birthday to Emily.I have been following your blog since June and still catching up. Wow! you guys really have been through an amazing journey with Baby Jude, which by the way is a CUTTIE!!!You guys not only take care of Jude but still manage to help and care so much for others as well. Your family truly is an inspiration.

2 Toddlers and Me said...

I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

I just found your blog through MBC Followers. What an amazing family you all are. I am following and look forward to reading more.

~Amy Rose said...

HAPPY Birthday sweet Emily! You are such a great big sister to Jude and we are so proud of all of the amazing things that you have done! I know it is only the beginning of many wonderful blessings ahead for you!

Much Love,
Amy & Maddie Rose