Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A big ole boo boo!!!

Yesterday was my two year anniversary. Mike and I did not do much because of the lack of funds, but we will make up for that next month. You just adjust, and everyone is doing that right now with our economy. Although, I did make a giant boo boo yesterday, and I feel terrible. Emily called me on my way home, and I could hear Jude in the background. I asked her if she was watching Jude, and she replied she was so Mike could get the Halloween decorations out. This through me for a loop because our Halloween decorations are one of Emily's favorite things. I know she would want to participate in putting them out, although she wasn't complainig. We go ALL OUT, and I do mean all out for the trick or treaters. Well I was infuriated even more when I heard two neighborhood kids were helping Mike, and not Em. So I immediately hung up and called Mike just livid, he didn't say much....until I got home. Imagine how terrible I felt when I drove up and there wasn't one single decorations put out, there was just a nicely mowed lawn, and all the boxes down from the attic. Emily had failed to tell me Mike was just preparing the yard, and that the kids were simply grabbing boxes from him at the bottom of the attic ladder. She claims she didn't know, but Mike said he gave her specific instructions on why she was watching Jude for a few minutes. SIGH!

To say the least my husband was very upset, and then refused to put up any of the decorations, and I don't blame him one bit. He had gone to all this work of preparing the yard, and getting down all the large boxes, and what did I do? I simply chewed his tail end off.

Sigh, I am going to stick my head in the sand now............

Jude is doing well, and that makes me very happy. He is trying his hardest to roll over, and he is forming more sounds. The therapsit told us that the sounds he is making, "agee", and "maaa" are good signs. We are crossing our fingers for improvement in his abilities.

I am praying hard for our friend Kendall http://kendallbriggs.blogspot.com, please say some prayers for her.

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Midwest Mommy said...

It happens. I have done this too and then felt like a jerk afterwards.

Caroline said...

Keep up the good work jude! Xxx

TMI Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! I've definietly made mistakes before, you're not the only one. =)

Cheers to rolling over! Just making attempts is impressive, I think!

Candace said...

Oh no! I have done dumb things like that before! It happens to the best of us. Happy anniversary btw!